Who we are

Our essence

At Moraviva we do community-based tourism through tours and creative experiences because we want to leave a mark on our visitors in a way that enriches their lives and connects them with the community and makes them feel part of it.

Value proposition

For local, national and foreign tourists who seek to live a different experience in Medellín, they will find in MORAVIVA Community Tourism with creative experiences around the transformation of usable waste where you will always be surprised.

Who we are

Moraviva es una línea de negocio de turismo comunitario operado por la Corporación Corserba, la cual, se encuentra identificada con registro nacional de turismo N°103942
We offer tours around the Moravia neighbourhood, through creative experiences and the transformation of usable waste.
MORAVIVA Community Tourism will surprise you!

Historia de Doña Marina


My name is Luz Marina Aguilar, when I was 12 years old I lost my father, which generated a very complex moment in my life, since my mother, my 8 siblings and I were taken away from the little house we lived in (the only thing my father left us), a situation that caused us to arrive in Moravia displaced, in search of a place to live. 

My brothers and I started begging and, finding a new way to make a living, we started to recycle all the rubbish that was stored in the Moravian rubbish dump.

Over the years I got married, and together with my husband, we became leaders in the community.

With Father Vicente Mejía, we fought on behalf of the whole community so that the government would not demolish our ranchos. We also led the process of building the Moravia sports field. 

Finally, the mayor's office decided that the rubbish bin should disappear. Therefore, I was quite worried, since in most families all the members of the family worked in recycling. As a result of this situation, I decided to form a corporation with all these women and generate employment through recycling. In this way, what today is called "Corporación Corserba" was formed: "Corporación Corserba" “Corporación Corserba”.